How to Fix a Broken Compact

Hi friends and welcome to a new post! This week’s post is going to be shorter compared to my typical posts because as of today it’s the last day of finals for school. I go to an online high school so all my tests are online, and I’ll be honest it feels like I’ve been staring at a computer screen for years. So, today I didn’t feel like sitting down and writing a super long post so we’ll be talking about how to  fix a broken compact!

Just a heads-up I learned a lot of this from one of my favorite YouTubers, RachhLoves and she has two videos on making DIY highlighters so I’ll add in the links in case you want more info! She has a DIY Rainbow Highlight and a DIY Tie-Dye/Marble Highlight too, which are both very helpful.

What you’ll need are some paper towels, your broken compact of choice, something to crush the product and also mix (either a butter knife, toothpick, or something along those lines), cotton swabs, and most important the rubbing alcohol.


To start, you’ll need to crush up any big chunks of product that you have left. I’ve found that the finer the powder you crush it into the better it will repair. I am fixing a NYX blush (in the shade Soft Spoken) and as you’ll see in my photos I forgot to take one before crushing this up entirely, but this is basically what your powder should look like. I’ll also mention that crushing this definitely hurt, even though it was already broken.


As you can see, I had a little powder spillage

Once you have as fine of a powder you can get, you can add the rubbing alcohol. Add this in very carefully, drop by drop works best. You’ll see in my photos that I have a little extra rubbing alcohol in my pan, so be careful when you add this. You don’t want your product to be too watery, but not too thick or dry either.


Once you add the alcohol you should mix the product very thoroughly so that any dry clumps are all mixed through and the product is relatively smooth. If need be you can add more rubbing alcohol if it’s needed. Once you have your preferred consistency and your product is mixed well you can lightly press it with a paper towel to soak up some of the excess rubbing alcohol. You should repeat this step until the towel comes away almost dry.


You can use your fingers to lightly press the product

Then you’ll leave your product to dry overnight and I like to leave a dry paper towel in the compact, to soak up any more rubbing alcohol and to prop open the compact so that the alcohol can dry out. Once your product is all dry and fixed you can use a Q-tip or cotton swab to clean up your edges and any makeup dust left in the compact.

And you are all set guys! I’ll be honest I don’t think this will work with every powder formula because some almost have a creamy texture but hey if there’s a chance at repairing a broken compact then why not try it? I hope you guys enjoyed and if you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll try and answer them. If you’re new you might want to follow because I post weekly but that’s all I have for this week so bye guys!




Kylie Cosmetics Review


Hi friends and welcome to my blog. I’ve been waiting to do this post for a while and it’s finally the time for a Kylie Cosmetics review! I’ve got three products to talk about today and I’ve been testing them out and am so excited to share my thoughts, so let’s get started!

Alright so unfortunately, right after I purchased these products with the intent on reviewing them, Kylie released her new lipsticks and concealers so I won’t be talking about those today, however if you would like to see that let me know with a like or a comment and I’ll think about doing it in the future. What I’ll be reviewing today is the Velvet Lip Kit, the original Matte Lip Kit, and her lipliners.


Let’s begin with the product that started it all, the Matte Lip Kit. I have the shade Moon and I sort of have mixed feelings. First the only thing I dislike is the shade, when you see swatches online or even on the back of my hand it looks like a nice cool-tone browny-nude, but for some reason, on me, this pulls very dark. Like I say in every blog post, I’m very fair and I think that contributes because everything looks dark on me, but I feel like this does dry much darker. Maybe it’s because the model for the photos on the Kylie Cosmetics website has much more tanned skin than me, so it looks different but I don’t know.

Besides it being darker than I thought, it is a pretty shade and for the actual formula, it’s great! I find that both the lip liner, and liquid lipstick apply evenly and with tons of pigment. As for drying factor, I think this one is pretty comfortable, it’s definitely not hydrating but it’s not bad. I’ve heard from friends that the matte formula can almost pill up when you wear it because of how dry it is but I haven’t experienced this yet. Or at least this shade doesn’t do that. As you may have heard, Kylie products smell great and this one is no exception. Despite the color being a little dark, I do really like this lipstick! If you’re on the fair side, be aware that the color might be darker than it seems, but otherwise I would recommend this.

Next up, the Velvet Lip Kit. I have the shade Charm and I’d just like to pat myself on the back for picking this shade, because it’s amazing! This is such a flattering pinky-nude I can’t recommend it enough. Since I received this, I’ve worn it all the time. Besides color, the Velvet formula is awesome, it’s long-wearing and feels incredibly comfortable, like nothing on the lips. I would say the formula is most similar to Colourpop’s Ultra Satin Lip in that it never completely dries down and so it feels great! Seriously, I’ve worn this so many times, I’m in love. If you’re not a fan of typical matte liquid lipsticks, I would say this is perfect for you.

And last up is an overall review of the lipliners. You have to sharpen them, so if you typically use twist up lipliners I don’t think you’ll like these. But otherwise, the formula is really creamy and smooth to apply, and doesn’t smear either. I have the ones from each Lip Kit but I also bought the shade Brown Sugar, which is a warm neutral brown, separately. My plans for this were to use it with liquid lipsticks from other brands or to try an ombre lip and it works well for both.

And that’s all I have to talk about today. If you’ve tried these out, or are considering purchasing let me know! Again, if you’d like to know my thoughts on the new lipsticks or concealers leave a like and I’ll think about testing them out! As always, I’ll see you next week so if you enjoyed this post you might want to follow to see future exciting things. And that’s all, goodbye!






(All photos are my own and so are all opinions. I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned)

Huge Makeup Declutter!

Hi friends and welcome to a different blog post than normal. It’s officially 2018, which shocks me, and I’m going to be 17 on the 8th, which shocks me even more. I know I’ve been alive and getting older for seventeen years now but it still feels weird to be a year older.

I’ve been wanting to go through my makeup collection for a while now and I thought it might be a little weird in blog format, but I wanted to try it anyway. Since it’s the end of 2017/beginning of 2018 I thought it’d be the perfect time to do a declutter.

How I wanted to do this was show you an overview of each drawer that I have, give a brief overview of what’s there, and then show the products from each category that I’ll be getting rid of or giving away. I also should mention that some products, I decided I needed to give another test to see how I really felt about them. And some products I included that are almost empty, but as soon as they’re gone I’m going to get rid of them. I think you get the gist!

And now the mandatory disclaimer, I’m not making this to brag in any way, I have my own job and pay for almost all of these products myself. If I didn’t buy them then they were either a present or given to me by friends/family members who didn’t like them. Also, when I declutter a product it will be given away to friends or family who I think will like it, so no product will be wasted. Only products that are completely used/expired are thrown out. Mandatory disclaimer over.


To begin, you’ll see I have the five-drawer Alex drawer set thing that everyone has. that a I know it’s pretty basic, but it works for storing things. Alright, so on top of drawer is kind of random things like, saline solution for contacts, perfume, hair product etc… (We’ll ignore that part for now, it’s not very exciting). If you’re wondering, the little box is from House of Lashes and that’s where I keep all of my House of Lashes falsies, but we won’t be going through those today.



Now for the actual drawers, let’s start with the first one. This is where I store primer, foundation, concealer, face powders, and eyebrow stuff. Let’s start with primer, the two I’ll be decluttering are the NYX Shine Killer and the Smashbox Photo Finish Luminizing Primer. For the NYX primer, I found that it didn’t really keep me matte like it said it would, and I’ve realized that I’m not a fan of silicone-y primers that feel kind of slippery when applied. What I look for in a primer is making my makeup last, hydrating my skin, or blurring/minimizing pores. I find that this doesn’t do much for me, but I think my sister will like it. For the Smashbox primer, I found that this also has that silicone feel, and doesn’t give much luminosity. This is a product that I’ll be testing a little more, I think if you used a lighter coverage foundation that luminosity might be more visible.


Now onto foundation, and I only have one, which is the NYX Mineral Stick Foundation. I do like this foundation and as you’ll see I’ve used it almost entirely. It’s not my favorite but it gives pretty decent coverage so this is a product where I’m going to finish using it, then throw it out. I’ll sneak a concealer in here too because this is the same case for my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I’m a little torn on this product because I think it can look pretty cake-y under my eyes. I do have combination skin but really dry under-eyes, and I don’t think that’s helping this concealer. I’ll be using this up, since it was so pricey and then throwing it out.


For powder, I have The Body Shop Loose Face Powder that I’ll be giving away. First, I accidentally have too dark of a shade, but I also find that this doesn’t do much for me, anyway. I’ll be giving this to my mom because I think she’ll really like it.

Last for the top drawer we have brows and I’ll be giving away this one which was originally given to me. t I think it is this is the Model Co Instant Brow. I find I have products I like more and this pencil is so thick that I can’t really quickly apply it


That concludes the first drawer, onto the second which is blush, bronzer/contour, and highlight. This is really uneventful because I like everything in here so enjoy a look at how I have things organized! If you’d like a more in-depth look at this drawer, let me know!



And now for my scariest drawer, which is lips. I have traditional lipsticks, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks, and lip pencils stored in here. This is the scariest as lip products are easy to hoard because you never know when you’ll need that exact shade of red. For this one let’s start with traditional lipsticks, what I’ll be giving away is this one from Clinique + Jonathen Adler in the shade 10 Punch Pop. Clinique gives away a lot of little sampler bags, I think this is from one of those. I somehow have two of these, so I’ll be giving one away. Next is this random lipstick that I’ve had forever. It’s super light and looks like a sparkle explosion on your lips, so I’ll be giving it away.


For lip glosses, it pains me a little bit to get rid of my NYX Butter Gloss. I absolutely love this formula but I just never wear this color (Sugar Cookie). I’m definitely getting other colors because they’re awesome. The other gloss I’ll be giving away is this mini Ulta Butter Balm in the shade Belle. Again, I like the formula but I just never wear this.


Up next is liquid lipsticks. A mini I’ll be giving away is the Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Dopey. Love the formula, but somehow, I ended up with two of these so I’ll be giving one away. Then for a full size the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in the shade Donut. I’ve had this for a long time and this one in particular is very dry. The color pulls neon peach on me and isn’t flattering so I’ll give this away.


Also in this drawer, I have a couple random pairs of eyelashes, hidden at the back so I’ll also be getting rid of the Ardell 110 Twin Pack I have. I’ve worn these a couple of times and I’ve found that because of the way the lash band is, it’s pretty easy to see that they’re fake. Plus, the actual lash part looks very plastic, so these aren’t my fav.


And now, my final drawer, my favorite drawer… Eyeshadow! Here I keep all of my palettes and single shadows, or things I use as shadows. I’ll be giving away the Makeup Revolution Flawless 2. If you’ve been reading my blog for ages you’ll have read a review on the original Flawless. You can check it out here. That palette has awesome pigment and stunning shimmers, but the Flawless 2 isn’t as good. The shimmer shades are still pretty, but the mattes in this palette are incredibly similar and can be chalky. This palette is okay, but I have others I like more.

Next, I wanted to mention the Covergirl TruNaked palettes. I started this collection with the Nudes palette, and that one is phenomenal! From there I collected them all, the Goldens, Roses, and Jewels. As I continued collecting them I felt like the quality went down. I’ll definitely give away the Jewels, which is pure glitter and not enough pigment. I gave the Goldens to my mom because I didn’t use it much. As you can see I still have the Nudes and Roses, I love the Nudes palette, as you can see by the huge dent, but I don’t really wear pink shadows so I’ll have to try the Roses more.


Last for eyeshadows I have these two little Clinique palettes. These were another sample from one of Clinique’s gift bags and honestly, I’ll test them but I think I’ll probably end up giving them away.


Alright let’s breeze through this final section, the last drawer is just random non-makeup things so onto my actual vanity where I have this little bamboo box. This has all my brushes and random bits of makeup. For my final products, I have some eyeliners that I don’t use. First the Clinique Kohl Shaper for eyes in the color Black Coffee, I never use this so there’s no point in keeping it. I also have the Essence Gel Eyeliner in the color Midnight in Paris, I’m giving this away because I never use eyeliners like this and it’s not very black. And my last product is the Covergirl Ink It! Pencil in the shade 270 Copper Ink. I don’t even know if Covergirl makes this anymore but I have never used it.



Oh my gosh and we are finally done! I’m sorry about this being so long but I guess it makes up for the late post last week? Let me know if you’d like to see a review on any of the products you saw in my collection or if you’ve tried any of these products. If you thought this was entertaining you may want to follow because next week’s post will not be this long! Thanks for reading, if you got this far. I’ll see you next week, when I’m seventeen!








(I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned. All photos and opinions are my own)

The Most Underrated Products of 2017

Hi friends! Welcome to a new blog post. I hope you had a great Christmas and if you don’t celebrate Christmas I hope you’re having a great week!

So, this is one of my favorite times of year because of spending time with family and all the pretty snow, not to mention the final YouTube videos of the year which sum up some of the best and worst products of the year. So today my post will be featuring some of my favorite products, the ones that no one ever talks about, that I think are totally underrated. Most of these are some of my favorites so this could alternatively be titled “My Favorite Products of 2017”. And a brief apology for this being late, as I was spending time with family.

Let’s get into this! The first product I wanted to talk about is the Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara. You would have seen me talk about this in my haul earlier this year and after trying it since, this has become one of my favorite mascaras. I love a mascara that gives volume and is very black, and this has both. This lasts really well throughout the day and gives that perfect volume. Even the brush on this is awesome. I feel like no one talks about this, but it’s so good, I would totally recommend it!


Next up is the L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation, specifically in the shade White. Now I hear what you’re saying, CJ, a white foundation? It seems a little odd, but I have to tell you this is one of the best things for people with fair skin. What you use a white foundation for is to mix in with others to lighten it, so say good bye to foundations never matching your skin! From what I’ve experienced this does affect the formula of your foundation, making it a little liquid-ier and the formula does have a little bit of a sunscreen smell, but once you blend it in that disappears. This really don’t affect me that much and if you’re as fair as me this will be a life-saver.


Oh, and a plus, if you are really fair and can never find a concealer that works to highlight or brighten the face, this works great!

Next up are some brushes, and I don’t have a lot of these (and they’re also really not clean so not photos today sorry) but the ones I do have are so awesome that I need to mention. These are Wet n Wild’s brushes which I think are some of the best drugstore brushes ever. They recently released a Pro Brush Line and unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a chance to test those ones but their original line is bomb! The brushes are so soft, never shed, and apply product beautifully. I can’t tell you how great these are, not to mention the price! Almost all of the original line are $2.99. $2.99! Do I need to say any more?

Alright now onto an actual foundation that I’ve found no one talks about. So many YouTuber’s do videos of a full face of one brand and I’ve seen a lot about The Body Shop’s makeup but I find that this is almost never mentioned. One of my favorite foundations is The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation. First, The Body Shop’s makeup is cruelty free, 100% vegan, gluten-free, and overall just great for your skin and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Plus, this foundation feels like nothing on the skin, is the right color for me (a huge plus), looks incredibly natural, has an SPF of 15, and is really moisturizing. Seriously I think this is an amazing foundation, it looks great on the skin. If you have dry skin I think you’ll really like this. Or if you like makeup that doesn’t look like makeup this is perfect, because it has some coverage, not a lot, but still looks dewy and natural.


Next up is a recent find of mine, this is the Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil in the shade Blacklove. Can I just say that this is AMAZING! Earlier in the year I posted my version of the Ride or Die Tag and I mentioned the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eye liner pencil was my favorite, but oh has that changed! So first this eyeliner is $2.99 and my old Urban Decay eyeliner is $20 and doesn’t come close to the Essence pencil’s quality. I cannot tell you just how good this eyeliner is, it never smudges, it’s incredibly black and pigmented, and I haven’t tested this fully but apparently, it’s also waterproof. If you need an eyeliner pencil this one is amazing for the price.


My last product is something that I’ve used for years, which is the Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray. This has been one of my favorites for so long and in my personal opinion it’s one of the best, if not the best drugstore setting spray. I like it so much because it really makes your makeup last and has an amazing spray. I’ve tried so many setting sprays from the drugstore (seriously though, Wet n Wild, Essence, and Makeup Revolution I’ve tried them all) and this is the one I always go back to. I’ll admit it’s not really mattifying but it does set your face really well and also makes any powder products you used sink into the skin. I would totally recommend this if you’re looking for a great setting spray.


And that concludes my favorite makeup products and what I think are the most underrated products of 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed, let me know if you’ve tried these products or what products I should try that are underrated. If you enjoyed this you may want to follow because I might be having another shorter post later in the week because this one was late. Otherwise I’ll see you more in 2018!









(All photos and opinions are my own, I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned)

Poetry?! On a Makeup Blog!?!

Hi friends and welcome back to another blog post! It is officially three days until Christmas! Plus, it doesn’t help that now I’m officially on winter break. Finally!

So today’s blog post is going to be a little different. I’ll be honest, I don’t have a Christmas or holiday topic for today’s post and I want to hold off on some of my reviews until after the holidays. If you did want to see something winter-themed check out my last post 3 Winter Essentials or if you want to see a holiday set review check out this one here.

If you didn’t know I’m in high school, and currently in a Creative Writing class. One of the units we worked on was a poetry unit where we were writing different styles of poems and finished the unit with a poetry collection. Which is basically just a group of poems.

So because I wanted to hold off on reviews I’ll be sharing with you one of the poems from that assignment. I figured it was fitting for my blog because it’s actually about an eyeshadow palette. If you know me, this should not be surprising! This style of poem is called a before-after poem because you write about an everyday object, before and then after, as the name would suggest.

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this, and I thought it fit with the topic of my blog. Plus, it’s a little something different. I don’t think this will be a regular thing but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! Keep in mind I’m not really a poetry writer but I still wanted to share this with you. Next week I’m planning maybe a Christmas haul or a review. If you want to see those upcoming posts, be sure to follow my blog and leave a like if you did like this. I hope you guys have a great holiday, whatever you celebrate, and New Year, and I’ll see you next week!




Eyeshadow Palette 

Tearing the seal on the cardboard box

Sliding the palette from its home

The smell of new plastic

Opening gently

Careful not to disturb the shades,

Lined neatly in rows

Waiting to be swatched


The plastic shiny and sleek

Brand printed stately across the top

Names of colors sitting underneath their counterpart

Watching the plastic peel from the mirror

In one pleasing, pull




Rushing to open the palette

Struggling with the clasp,

Chipped and stubborn,

No longer opening like it used to


Foundation fingerprints litter the once clean plastic

The mirror, too, smudged and dusty

A crack running through it from a fatal drop

The brush now long gone, added to a growing collection


The shadows inside worn,

Shimmery dust strewn across their surface

Fingernail marks dug into the pans from haphazard swatches

Shinier patches in a metallic from a wet brush

Dreaded plastic showing in a clearly loved pan

3 Winter Essentials You Need

Hi friends and welcome to a new post! As I’m typing this its officially ten days until Christmas, and that’s kind of insane. I’m so excited!

So, if you’ve read my blog for a while then you’ll know that at the start of fall I made a fall essentials post so I wanted to do the same thing with winter.

Let’s get right into this! To start winter here in Minnesota is not only freezing but also incredibly dry. Because of this my normally combination skin is surprisingly dry. I find that during the winter, I have to have a good face moisturizer. Anyone else with me, where the feeling of dry skin drives you crazy? One of my favorite, moisturizers is the It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Transforming Moisturizing Super Cream. What a name, but this product is one of my absolute favorites, so much that I’m totally out of mine and just repurchased it. The full size of this product is pretty expensive so I typically buy them in travel size and that lasts me a long time. I would definitely say that this is worth the price tag, as it’s really moisturizing and feels great on the skin.


Ignore the chipping nail polish 🙂

Next up, is a little similar, chapstick! For me at least I can’t stand to have dry lips, in the winter or anytime, so I’m kind of picky when it comes to chapsticks. One that I like right now, that’s very seasonally appropriate is by Burt’s Bees in the flavor “Mint Cocoa”. This is part of their winter collection and I actually like it a lot, despite it being a bit of a weird flavor. This is super moisturizing and leaves your lips feeling great. Burt’s Bees has always had the best lip balms and this one is no different!


Continuing with the lip category, and a winter classic, is a red lipstick. This is such a classic that I hardly have to say anything about it. Around this time of year, a red lip is so popular and really a staple. I’ll be honest I don’t wear a lot of red lipstick, but the two that are my favorites are from NYX and the Sephora Collection. First up is the NYX Matte Lipstick in the shade Pure Red and I love NYX, they’ve always been one of my favorite brands, and they have such great quality for reasonable prices. This particular shade is more of a brighter red so I think you could pull it off all year. Next up I like this mini I have of the Sephora Rouge Cream lipstick in the shade, or color R49, and this is a true holiday red with a great formula as well.


And that completes my post! It was a little shorter this time but to be honest a lot of my essentials were the same for fall and winter, so check out that post too, for some more ideas. I hope you guys enjoyed and are having a great holiday so far! If you did enjoy feel free to like and let me know with a comment what your winter essentials are. If you want to see more posts like this follow my blog, I post every week, so I’ll see you guys next time!









(As always, all pictures are my own, and I’m not affiliated with any brands mentioned, although I would love to be affiliated with NYX 😊 )



Huge Haul! + Mini Review

Hi friends and welcome to a new blog post! Last time you heard from me it was technically December, but I’ll say it anyway, happy December! I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it before in a blog post but Christmas is definitely one of my favorite holidays. I love the snow, spending time with family, eating way too much food, and literally everything Christmas related. I can’t wait!

In today’s blog post I’m going to be doing a pretty big haul, plus a couple little mini reviews for some products. For me this is technically a Black Friday haul, but I did all my shopping online. I have lots of different products from Morphe, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie Cosmetics, and a lot more, so let’s get into this!

I originally wasn’t planning to include this, but you can get these products in full sizes so I figured I would. If you have read some of my previous posts you’ll know that one of my all-time favorite youtubers is RachhLoves. Occasionally she’ll do a collaboration with TopBox and send out a RachhLoves box! Basically, what these are is a little box filled with five or six full-size or deluxe samples of products that she loves. I believe the boxes themselves are only available for a limited amount of time, but like I said you can get them in full sizes.


So, this was technically her “fall favorites” and what came in it this time is a sample of the GLAMGLOW SuperMud clearing mask, the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette, a sample of the Tarte Tarteist matte lip paint in the shade “Fomo”, a full size Stila Huge Extreme Lash mascara, and a full size Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in the shade “Precious Petals”. So many fun products! Let’s talk about the negatives first; I mentioned this in my Tarte Holiday Set review but I’ll say it again, I don’t like the formula of these liquid lipsticks. Personally, I find them to be streaky and just feel weird on the lips, plus they’re not really transfer proof. Next, I like the formula of the Wet n Wild highlighters, but this shade is just a bit too dark for me. I think this would be beautiful on more tan skin, so I might be giving this to one of my sisters or friends.


Furthest right gold shade is Wet n Wild’s highlighter

Now for my favorites, the Stila mascara! This is AMAZING. I love a volumizing mascara and this makes your lashes look awesome, and incredibly dark. I also really like this mask, would totally recommend if you have any acne problems as it does a great job of minimizing pores and clearing up any blemishes. Lastly the NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette, this has awesome pigment and I think it’s great because you have a big range of shades that can go with any look. Would totally recommend!


Now onto Kylie Cosmetics! I’m going to keep this one short because I may have a blog post planned for this (hint, hint), which is why there will be no swatches. Not going to lie, I was so excited to get this package and open it up to see the signature “KYLIE” across the top. What I got was one of her traditional lip kits in the shade, Moon, a velvet lip kit in the shade, Charm, and lastly a single lip liner in the shade Brown Sugar.


I also shopped at Anastasia Beverly Hills because they had some awesome sales. What I got was a Brow Wiz in Taupe -typically I’m a pomade kind of girl, but everyone raves about these so I had to try it- I also got the Moon Child highlighting palette and Anastasia’s powder contour kit. Very excited to have these in my collection! I’m also thinking about doing a review on these as well so unfortunately no swatches today. Let me know if you would be interested to see that review!


And last, but not least I got some brushes from Morphe! Can we talk about Morphe’s “re-brand”? They’re definitely stepping up their game, and I’m excited to see what they release next. I only got a couple brushes and a little pouch for storing brushes when you travel. I figured the brush case wasn’t that exciting so let’s just talk about the brushes. I got three, the M496 Duo Lash Fan brush, the B32 Badger Angle Blush brush and the M5111 Large Round Blender brush (for eyeshadow). If these look a little weird I have tested them and I washed them before taking these photos. I’ll admit a couple hairs in here didn’t want to go with the rest of the team so my photos don’t show their true shape that well. Overall, I really like the blush brush and the eyeshadow blender works amazing! It’s perfect to quick throw a shade in the crease or to blend out a more complicated look. And unfortunately, the little fan brush didn’t work out great for me, and that’s partially my fault. I didn’t think it would be as small as it is, so it’s harder to use for highlighting. I find that it makes applying highlight more difficult because of its size, but I will continue to test this out and see if it works better with different formulas.


And that is everything! I’m super excited for some of the posts coming up and to work more with these products. Do you have any of these, what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this post, if you did leave a like and be sure to follow my blog for more posts like this! Thanks for reading,










(All photos are my own and I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned. Nor am I posting this to brag, these products were purchased by me, with my own money)

Lime Crime Review

Hi friends and welcome back to my blog! It’s crazy to think that it’s already December! It’s officially time to blast the Christmas music! However, today we will not be talking about Christmas just yet. Today’s post is going to be about my experience with Lime Crime makeup.  So far, I’ve been pleased, I’ve had good shipping times, no issues with my order, and good products.  Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions and these are my own.

In this post, I will be reviewing some of Lime Crime’s popular products that I own. I should also mention that my history with Lime Crime goes way back. Oddly enough, when I started getting into makeup this was one of the first brands I tried because of a female YouTuber, Kota Wade. I don’t really watch her videos now but I remember her doing awesome makeup tutorials using a lot of Lime Crime products.  I also should warn you that when I first got into Lime Crime, I was doing my makeup a lot differently than I do now, so be prepared for some of these lip colors

If you’ve never heard of Lime Crime they are a Vegan, Cruelty-Free, online only brand that specializes in neutral and crazy-colored makeup, however in the past years they’ve branched out and now have press-on nails and hair-dyes too! Even more recently Ulta has started carrying their products. Their most popular products are their Velvetines, which are a matte liquid lipstick, their Venus eyeshadow palettes (they have two, but I only have the first one), and their Unicorn Lipsticks.


To start let’s talk about Lime Crime’s packaging; A+ for the packaging! As you’ll see throughout this post, all the products are creative and well designed. I love the unique look of their products, especially compared to other brands. I should also mention that the Unicorn lipsticks I have (I don’t think the design has changed, but mine are older), have actual holographic packaging. My photos don’t really show this but I promise the holo is there.  Awesome job on the packaging, Lime Crime!

For reviews let’s begin with the Velvetines as these are what Lime Crime is most known for. I have two, technically three shades, as I have a little sample. One of Lime Crime’s most popular shades is Wicked, a deep blood-red, which is definitely a fan favorite. The shades I have are Pink Velvet- a vibrant hot pink, Rave- a bright purple, and my sample is a nice warm brown called Riley. As I said, I was putting some crazy colors on my face, but I have to admit, these are really fun! Despite these being “statement” colors, this formula is one of my favorite matte liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks are a “liquid-y” formula and don’t feel too drying on the lips. I don’t think every color is completely transfer proof but the color does last a while on your lips. I would totally recommend you try this product if you’re at all curious. If you’re not a fan of the “out-there colors” then don’t worry because they literally have 37 shades to choose from!


From top down Pink Velvet, Rave, and Riley

Sticking with the lip theme, let’s move on to the Unicorn lipsticks. I believe Lime Crime sold the Unicorn Lipsticks, discontinued them, but brought them back with a new metallic formula.  Unfortunately, now it looks like they’re discontinuing them again, so I’ll keep this portion short in case these lipsticks are gone for good. The colors I have are Eraser- a peachy nude, Chinchilla- a lilac-grey, and Mint To Be, which is, you guessed it, mint! These are all from the original format.  Because they are a traditional lipstick, they aren’t as long-lasting and I wouldn’t say they are a true matte either. I do like that they have different color options; however, the older formula does pull on the lips when applying, and needs to be built up for true color payoff. I haven’t tested the newer formula so I don’t know if it’s better but if you wanted to buy a lip product from Lime Crime, I would suggest the Velvetines.


From top down Eraser, Chinchilla, and Mint To Be

Next onto another product which is unfortunately discontinued. I promise when I had this idea I didn’t realize some of these products no longer “existed”. This is Lime Crime’s Perlees metallic lipstick. Like the Unicorn lipsticks, these are a traditional lipstick with a similar formula, however these are metallic. I find that not a lot of people enjoy a metallic lip color and I have to agree. I think they’re awesome for an event but can be harder to wear on an everyday basis. The shade I have is Gemma which is a metallic brown with some copper-y bronze tones. I do really enjoy this shade, and it’s definitely a “CJ color” but I will admit it can be hard to wear. I like to wear this either built up to get a richer color or a light layer on top of another lipstick for an added sheen.


And lastly one of the most well-known products from Lime Crime is the Venus Palette! On Lime Crime’s website, this is described as a “grunge-nude palette with unconventional neutrals”. This was one of the first eyeshadow palettes I ever purchased and I have to say this palette would fit in to today’s collection of palettes as it is warm-toned. The Venus palette is filled with burnt oranges, brick reds, and burgundy’s. The palette has 8 shadows, 2 shimmer shades and 6 mattes. Color and tone-wise I think this palette is very cohesive and surprisingly versatile for only having eight shades. The eyeshadows that are in this palette have great pigment, I would even compare this to Anastasia Beverly Hills, the only difference is that with ABH the incredibly pigmented shadows are very blendable. For eyeshadows, it can be challenging to make a crazy-pigmented shade that also blends easily and unfortunately, I think the Venus Palette falls into this category. I would say that if you’re not careful about using a transition shade and really tapping off any excess pigment it can be hard to blend. Other than that the shadows last well on the eyes and look great applied.




From left to right Venus, Shell, Aura, Creation, Icon, Rebirth, Divine, and Muse

And that completes my review! I think if you were to pick one product to buy from this review it would be the Velvetines. What do you think about Lime Crime and did you enjoy this review? Make sure to follow my blog, I have some exciting posts planned! Thanks for reading!








(All opinions and photos are my own)

Tarte Holiday Set Review!

Hi friends and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you’re having a great holiday and if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then I hope you’re having a great day!

So, I accidentally haven’t posted in about a month… oops. If you know me, you’ll know I’m in high school so that takes up a lot of my time, but I wanted to get this up before Black Friday, in case you were curious about this product or just wanted to try something new!

Today we’ll be talking about the Tarte Magic Star Collector’s Set. I have been testing this for a long time, mostly because I wanted to make sure I had tried everything thoroughly. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get into the review.

To start this is a “collector’s box” complete with 25 Amazonian Clay eyeshadows, two Amazonian Clay blushes in the shades Heir and Seek, an Amazonian Clay highlighter in the shade Golden Champagne, an Amazonian Clay bronzer in the shade Matte Bronze, a sample of the Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara, a sample of their Sex Kitten Eyeliner (weird name, I know), a sample of the Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in the shade Castle, and finally a sample of the Tarteist Glossy Lip Paint in the shade Myth. Tarte is known for their “Amazonian Clay” products. I think they’re supposed to be made with this clay, but I’m not entirely sure; All I know is that people love their products. And oh my gosh is there a lot in this set!


Let’s begin with the packaging, I love the design of this, it’s so cute! The box opens like a diamond shape to reveal all the exciting makeup inside.


For actual products, let’s talk about the eyeshadows, there are 9 metallic shades and 16 mattes. I won’t be swatching every shade, because that would be a lot of eyeshadow but, I will include my favorite and least favorite shades.

I found that most of these eyeshadows are amazing! The metallics in this set are stunning. Except for one, one single metallic. I’ll address the elephant in the room, the shade Wander. I know what you’re thinking, “What on Earth did she do to that shadow?!” Well let me tell you, with this specific shade there is no pigment whatsoever. You can dig into this shadow with your brush or finger and nothing will come off. A helpful tip for your shadows or highlights, sometimes the top layer off a product may be dried out, so sometimes you can scrape off that top layer of your product and that’ll do the trick. I tried that after getting no product to come off this shadow and unfortunately that does not work. Like I said this was the only metallic that was lacking, but otherwise they’re great!


Favorite shades from left to right, Getaway, Broach, Indulgence, Gems, Majestic, and Euphoria


Least favorite shades from left to right Lavish, Antique, Wander (I promise it’s there), Bangle, and Genie

For the mattes, I found that the darker colors were lacking in pigment as well, but at least for me this wasn’t a huge deal. Matte shades are meant to be built up over time, so they don’t always need to be incredibly pigmented when you swatch them. The real problem is how they apply to the eyes and some of these shades were mediocre. I do like the eyeshadow portion of this set (just a heads up the shade Getaway makes a great contour color for the face!), I think it has some great neutrals and a couple shades that are unique colors and I had no problems with blending or creasing.

Next up is the face products; My favorite for these four is the shimmery blush, Seek, and the highlight Golden Champagne, however it is just a little dark for me. I wasn’t a huge fan of the other blush because I didn’t find it to be that exciting but it did have good color payoff. For the bronzer, it didn’t work for my skin tone. If you’ve read my blog before you’ll know that I am very fair and this shade was way too warm for me. I also found that this bronzer is VERY pigmented and it’s quite easy to apply too much. For the face portion of this set I think it’s alright, however definitely better for light to medium skin tones, unfortunately.


From left to right Matte Bronze, Heir, Seek, and Golden Champagne

And lastly the samples of the mascara, eyeliner pencil, and lip products. I will totally be picking up the full size of the Lash Paint mascara after I run out! I can be very picky about my mascaras and I am a fan of volumizing mascaras the most. I found that this gave me good volume, wasn’t clumpy and didn’t flake off, total win here. The eyeliner was good, not the blackest but I did like that this sample was very slim so it was easy to line your eyes and it last a decent time.

For the lip products, I really like the Glossy Lip Paint. The color is nice and I like the formula, it’s not too sticky and it does last a while for a gloss. I’ll give you a heads up if you purchase this, for some reason the applicator is blue, which is startling at first but it is just the applicator. I would definitely check out other shades of their glosses because I love glosses for an easy lip color. For the Matte Lip Paint, I like the shade, however so many people love this formula and I actually don’t. I have a couple samples of this formula and, for me at least, they’re streaky and can be hard to apply. If you used a lipliner first it might solve that problem. But for me they’re not my favorite. I will give them points for not being drying on the lips and once they’re on the feel like nothing.

And that’s everything in this set! I’ll do one final recap, I think the shadows are okay, nothing crazy but I do like them. I mentioned earlier they wear well through the day, and are easy to blend but some shades are not very pigmented. For the face products, I do like almost all of them and they wear well too. Lastly the eyeliner, mascara, and lipsticks are all good. This set is $49.00 and online they say it’s a $411 value and I think for the price this set is pretty good. I will definitely continue to use this and, for a holiday set you can totally use this throughout the year.

What do you think? Would you purchase this or what holiday sets do you plan on getting? Let me know in the comments, and if you enjoyed this review be sure to follow for more posts! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!








(as always all opinions and photos are my own)

Ünt Base Coat and Top Coat Review

Hi friends! Welcome back to a new blog post. If you’ve been following my blog for a little bit, you’ll know that I just got into doing nail art. I’ve been upgrading my nail polish collection (mostly for holographic nail polish) and I decided to do a review on the brand Ünt’s Ready for Takeoff Base Coat and their Sun Envy Gel Effect Top Coat. I’d also like to apologize for some of these photos, I tried to take pictures of just one finger and they’re not the cutest :). Oh, and I recently went camping and had to cut off my nails, otherwise they would’ve caused problems, so right now they’re kind of stubby.

Alright let’s begin with the base coat. The premise of this base coat is that you can peel it off, which in my opinion is kind of a crazy concept. The idea of this base coat is that by peeling off the polish, it doesn’t damage your nail or dry out your skin like acetone can. It makes it really easy to remove polish so nail bloggers use it when they have to take pictures of many different nail polishes in a short time. I’ve used this product a lot, it was really helpful when I tried stamping because I definitely had to practice.

I would recommend this product to anyone who does nail art or is a nail blogger because if you mess up it’s really easy to remove and you don’t have to mess around with acetone. However, for someone who just paints their nails and wants it to last, I would not recommend this. Because the base coat is meant to peel off, it isn’t long lasting. The longest I’ve kept it on my nails is two days, max, but this can vary because of your nail bed shape or the amount of natural oils your nails produce. This product isn’t supposed to be long-lasting though, if you’re using it like you’re supposed to (painting on a color, leaving it on for a couple hours and then removing it) I think this works great. It peels off in one clean piece and is incredibly easy to apply, you just paint it on like normal nail polish! I tested it with a “fuzzy” nail polish, I was trying for some future Halloween nail art.

Now onto the top coat! This is Ünt’s Sun Envy Gel Effect Top Coat, quite the name. This top coat is marketed as a long-wear top coat with “gel-like shine” and I would totally agree. The top coat is super glossy and I find that it is very long-wearing. Of course, it also depends on the nail polish you have under it. I would recommend this top coat to everyone! However after taking all this pictures I would not recommend the nail polish I used! 🙂


That wraps up my review, I love the top coat, and for what it’s meant for the base coat does a great job! What do you think, would you try these? If you enjoyed this review check out my post on Nail Stamping, and be sure to follow for more posts like this. Until next time!










(Photos and opinions are my own)